Welcome to ForTheRecord.pro

To get you and your team up and running fast, here’s a quick intro on how ForTheRecord is organised and also our recommendation for the best order to set up your system. 

Typing is faster on a real keyboard than a phone so you’ll find it easier to enter bulk information into the app from a PC, laptop or tablet.

Once you’ve done the setup you need, using ForTheRecord.pro on a phone is a breeze.


ForTheRecord is arranged in two sections, INFO and TASKS.

INFO is where you do your pre-setup that can include …

  • Staff
  • Customers
  • Sites
  • add (common) Hazards and Hazardous Substances to your Libraries
  • staff Training topics
  • create and distribute Site Safety Plans
  • create and distribute Job Safety Analysis’
  • configure Notifications (for incidents)

And, it’s where you can later run Reports.

TASKS is where you record your “activities”:

  • Timesheets
  • take and/or upload quick Pics or Notes
  • Induction Meetings
  • Incident records
  • Safety Minutes

A common workflow to set up and start using the platform is …

  1. Add Customers (if you’re using ForTheRecord internally then setup your own organisation as the “customer”
  2. Add Site(s)
  3. Start creating a library of Hazards and Hazardous Substances that you’d commonly encounter.
  4. Update your Sites with their Hazards and Hazardous Substances from your libraries.
  5. Add Staff (including your subcontractors if you wish) and invite them to become Users of the system. You can also add staff that won’t be using the system themselves. 

Now you’re ready to get into action recording TASKS such as Inductions, Timesheets, Incidents (accidents), etc.

You can also run reports of Inductions, Safety Meetings, Incidents, Staff Activities, and Timesheets. Reports are generated and downloaded as .csv files that you can then open in Excel and format as you wish. If you want help with formatting reports just ask and we can help for a small charge.

And you may also want to … 

  • upload your (own company’s) Safety Policy or Policies, that you can then email from the app to anyone on request
  • make some Site Specific Safety Plans
  • conduct and record the minutes of a general Safety Meeting … (including a record of who was at the meeting)
  • prepare JSAs (Job Safety Analysis)
  • setup some Staff Training Topics and then record which Staff have had those Trainings

And, please ask us questions and give us feedback. Tell us what you like, anything you don’t, and what could be improved. We believe that the only dumb questions are the ones you wanted to ask but didn’t.