Customer Stories

Read how our customers keep great job and safety records.

Jennian Homes West Coast. Michelle K.

"The timesheet feature is most important for us, especially useful with the GPS function as this helps us to ensure our staff are onsite when clocking in and out each day. Simple to use and easy to update if necessary."

Gary Sherwin, Sherwin Construction

“I use the Health and Safety worksheets. A big outfit I was doing some work for, came calling for my Health and Safety documents. I was able to present them quickly using the app and as a result they bypassed me and went to call on the subbies. Unfortunately THEY got stung as it was proven that they had deviated from the workplan.”

Taylor Long Construction, Taupo. Emma L.

"We mostly use the timesheets and reports. As an admin, it's useful that I'm able to edit and tidy up the timesheet records."

Craig Rogers, Craig Rogers Building

“I was told by my lawyer that the information that in the system is invaluable to me for settling any disputes with clients.”

Ali Stan, Stanbuild Roofing and Renovations

“I have been using it for several years and have found it to be a simple tool to use. It has provided an easy way to record important photos of the jobs that I have completed over these years.”

N. Bingham Total Reclad Solutions

“I have used the app for over 3 years, and it's has saved me a few times. Client queries or disputes have been quickly resolved through showing a few photos saved. My crew are on multiple sites and by taking photos they keep me up to date on whats happening on the jobs even if Im not there myself. I login at the end of the day and I can see what they have been doing. I also use the timesheet feature with my crew. A policy of 'No timesheet, no pay' gets them using it pretty efficiently.”

Brent Austin, Icon NZ Ltd

“Not long ago a client queried whether an issue was pre existing to my company commencing work on her job; after showing her the photos that I had taken pre build, timed and dated, we were quickly able to determine that the issue WAS pre existing; so the job continued with no hassles. It’s so important to keep good records in the building industry where there are many situations that can arise which need clarification, and sometimes, a photo timed and dated is just the ticket.”

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