The easy way to keep timesheets, photos, H&S and other job info.

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Photos and Notes

Store Photos and Notes records.

Link them to a customer, site, or a staff member.

Simple. Fast. Noted.

Easy, live, on-site timesheeting for staff, including capturing the users’ geolocation.

Admins can edit and add timesheets.

Run reports for a date range for billing or wages or job costing, etc.

Health & Safety

  • Incident records.
  • Documentation.
  • Inductions.
  • Site Safety plans.
  • Staff Training records.
  • And more.
Fast recording of Incidents, Accidents, Near Misses … etc. Attach documents or photos. Email notification to the person responsible for H&S automatically and/or on demand. Download reports for any date range at any time.
To record an Induction meeting, select the Site and the form will be populated with known site hazards and hazardous substances. Acknowledge each hazard’s detail and control/s and you can even add further hazards on the fly. Then, record the attendees, take a pic if you wish, email a record if you wish. Download reports for any date range at any time.

Record your Customers and Sites … key contacts, phone numbers, email addresses. Add known hazards to Sites and they’re automatically included in your Induction plans.

Upload copies of your organisation’s important documentation such as your Safety Policy, and email from within the app.

Add your staff as App Users or just for record keeping. Whenever they’re included in an activity (Incident, Safety Briefing, Induction, Training etc) its stored against their staff activity file. Download a report for any staff member for any date range anytime.

Site Specific Safety Plan Checklists

Create a library of common hazards that you could encounter at a site with initial and residual risks, training requirements, and attach documentation or pics. Add them to any Site record(s) and reference in your safety/induction meetings.

Create unlimited Training “Topics” each with guidelines, links to videos or documents and even validity periods. Then whenever you hold training you can record who was there and the info will be linked to the staff files. Run reports by date range or staff member.
Details to come.

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