In 2010 a landscaping contractor in Rotorua, NZ wanted to keep better records of his site works so he developed the first version of an app he called LocknLoad. 

Other businesses in building and construction started using it and more features such as timesheets and H&S were added.

In 2020 it was redeveloped, renamed and relaunched as ForTheRecord with latest cloud app technologies and a simple subscription model.

For the tech-interested, ForTheRecord is a Progressive Web App (PWA) meaning there’s nothing to download or update from an “app store”. You just register/sign in on a web page from a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer and you’ll always be using the latest version. 

It’ll even work in “offline mode” if you’re outside wifi or mobile data coverage, using the last known data that you accessed. If you update any records it’ll automatically sync that to the cloud as soon as you next have an internet connection.



Use of the ForTheRecord system is subject to the licence terms and conditions.

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