Organising Timesheet Reports

QuickPics and QuickNotes

A super-fast and easy way to make a record of something you’ve finished, or something you’ve seen that could be a problem in the future.

  • Open SafetyWise,
  • tap on QuickPic on the Home screen,
  • name it and add notes if you wish
  • choose if it relates to a Site, Customer, or Staff member,
  • tap the + and open your camera (or choose an existing pic),
  • take/choose the pic and Save.

Fast. Simple. Done.

Use it for …

  • You’ve just finished a piece of work and want to record it and store a picture
  • You notice a staff member not wearing safety equipment, again
  • A new hazard has been introduced to a site that you haven’t been told about
  • etc 

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